Let's Go Sailing on the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica
High Performance Corsair F-27 Trimaran

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Click picture for video.  We can take up to 8 people on a day trip and up to 3 people for several day excursions.  We can sail and navigate equally well in the night.  We generally go between 5 and 15 knots under sail and 6 knots when using our motor.  We charge $400 for up to 4 people and $100 per person above that.

You can just sit back and enjoy the ride or you can actually learn everything about how to operate and navigate the boat.  Ideally your group could stay at Playa los Vivos Glamping for 5 days and sail every day.  You could learn on our Hobie 18 & Hobie 16 catamarans and even with the basics of windsurfing then master all aspects of the F-27 trimaran.  We could even teach you navigation.PDLV

The boat has a basic galley, bunks and a head.  We have multiple GPS units and compasses and a depth sounder and are fully equiped to sail at night.  The electricity is solar.

DolphinsThe ocean is full of life and we often see dolphins, whales, flying fish, manta rays and shark.  In fact, we have a partner company that specializes in deep sea fishing with intimate familiarity everything living in the ocean.  See Orca Fishing Club.  V3

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Consider the Ocean a parallel universe.  Actually, this is the main dominant Universe on our planet with 71% of the area with 97% of the Earth's water and producing 50% to 80% of the oxygen through photosynthesis.  The oceans also absorb 31% of the CO2 from the atmosphere.  They are a massive thermal heatsink which heavily influences weather patterns.  They are where life began.V2

A high performance trimaran sailboat operates on the interface between the massive dense dynamic ocean and the very low density air above it.  These two systems are tightly coupled and the boat rides on the surface with the waves with a daggerboard and rudder that cut down into the water.  The light weight and large width of a trimaran make it very sensitive to feeling the changing conditions and wave patterns can even be used to aid in navigation.  The sails can be controlled to sail anywhere in almost any condition from a light breeze to a gale.  Sailing is so efficient that a significant amount of the wind you feel is actually created by the boats movement.                                              .  V7


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